Frequently Asked Questions

Wait, where are the jobs?

First things first - Fintros is not a recruitment, headhunting or staffing agency. In fact, we are #unRecruiters. Fintros is a candidate-first anonymous Opportunity Discovery Platfrom, built for and by finance leaders. There are NO job postings - rather, let top Investment Banks, Private Equity & Venture Capital Firms, Hedge Funds, Accounting Firms and Corporate Development Opportunities apply to you!

Fintros’ machine learning algorithm pre-screens, matches and (fin)troduces finance leaders to new career opportunities and challenges custom tailored to fast track their career trajectory. Fintros was built anonymous-first to help career ambitious happily employed finance leaders discover new opportunities that may be available to them! Join today to let our platform anonymize your profile and confidentially (fin)troduce you to your next dream job.

What is Fintros?

Fintros is North America's first fintech recruiting platform built specifically to ensure finance professionals complete anonymity during their active and passive job search. Candidate profiles are anonymous & confidential. Fintros' proprietary predictive matching algorithm, aptitude assessments and workforce personality tests matches your profile to make "fintroductions" to North America's top Investment Banks, Private Equity & Venture Capital Firms, Hedge Funds, Accounting Firms and Corporate Development Opportunities.

Why should I use Fintros?

We're awesome. Well, and because we're transparent, honest, have great employers and your candidacy is confidential! Use Fintros to passively keep tabs on the job market or in your active search for your next dream job.

Fintros was built by finance superstars for finance superstars, and like you, we know how broken the recruiting process can be. Given this, we built Fintros with the simple company mission to help candidates reach their deepest possibility of potential. Fintros recognizes that a supreme moment of destiny awaits you; we hope our platform can best help accelerate your greatness.

Fintros will give you access to exclusive job opportunities from North America's top Investment Banks, Private Equity & Venture Capital Firms, Hedge Funds, Accounting Firms and Corporate Development Opportunities where you will receive interview offers with upfront salary, and bonus figures.

How much does it cost to use Fintros?

Fintros is 100% free for candidates.

But, how does it work?

Great question.

  1. Candidates join by simply creating a profile. Our machine learning algorithm will instantly conceal all identifying information that might lead a Hiring Manager to recognize your identity. For example, Mr. John Smith who works Goldman Sachs, might be viewed as Anonymous Finance Superstar who currently works at a Tier 1 Investment Bank.
  2. Fintros' proprietary matching algorithm then sends employers a short-list of great candidates for consideration.
  3. Fintros' employers will then send you interview offers with upfront salary and compensation for your consideration.
  4. If you choose to accept an interview offer, Fintros will help schedule your first interview!
  5. Should both you and the employer decide the firm-fit matches, begin your new career journey!

Can my current (or former) employer view my profile?

All candidate profiles are confidential and anonymous. That is, your name and all sensitive profile information will be masked, up until (and if) you give Fintros consent to release your information. Secondly, candidates can pre-select which firms they would like to restrict from being able to view their anonymous profile. Feel free to select to hide current, former or any other employers of your choice.

What type of High Finance jobs are available on Fintros?

Our employers are looking to hire ambitious, bright, self-actualizing leaders. Fintros' employer partners might look to hire you for the following roles:

  • Investment Banking Analyst up to Managing Director
  • Private Equity Associate up to Partner
  • Venture Capital Analyst up to Partner
  • Equity Research Associates and Analysts
  • Buyside Equity Analyst up to Chief Investment Officer
  • Sales & Trading Associates up to Managing Director

What type of Accounting Jobs are available on Fintros?

Our employers are looking to hire ambitious, bright, self-actualizing leaders. Fintros' employer partners might look to hire you for the following roles:

  • Tax Specialist
  • Internal Auditor
  • Financial Analyst
  • Business Management
  • Financial Controller
  • Chief Financial Officer

How many Fintros interview offers may I accept?

Feel free to accept as many Fintros invitations as you feel is necessary to help you make the best decision for you. Should you wish to discuss any individual interview opportunity, please do reach out to your Fintroducer or email us at success@fintros.com

May I reach out to Fintros employers before I am offered an interview offer?

Unfortunately not - unlike a typical job board, only employers are able to initiate conversations with candidates. If you have not yet received any interest from employers, please contact a Fintroducer by email or live chat us.

If I accept a Fintros interview, is it binding that I accept the job offer?

No - a Fintros interview offer is just a strong indication of interest from a great employer. It is ultimately up to you and your future employer to decide if the firm-fit matches.

Why should my firm use Fintros?

Short answer: Fintros will save your firm time, resources and money by giving you instant access to the best and brightest finance professionals.

Long answer: Fintros is an end-to-end HR-technology platform that will allow your firm to make faster and more data-driven hiring decisions. Fintros uses predictive matching, aptitude assessments and workforce personality tests to allow your team to source, procure and hire the very best in finance talent. By building a highly curated two-way platform, Fintros pre-screens and pre-vets every candidate to best allow your firm to make data-driven hiring decisions.

How does it work?

Step 1: Complete a company profile
Step 2: Fintros will assess your past hiring best practices, firm culture and hiring needs to intelligently shortlist up to 20 of Fintros' best available candidates
Step 3: Prepare a non-binding offer letter using Fintros' FREE compensation analysis tool
Step 4: Enjoy interviewing North America's most capable finance professionals
Step 5: Consider hiring your favourite Fintros candidate! (Our data suggests it's best to hire over a few Spicy Margaritas.)

What kind of candidates are on Fintros?

Fintros curates the very best high-finance and accounting superstars. Fintros high-finance candidates are highly qualified with experience at bulge bracket Investment Banks, Private Equity Firms, Venture Capital Firms, Hedge Funds, Mutual Funds, Pension Plans, and other Asset Managers. Fintros accounting candidates have, or are in the process of earning, their CPA, and/or CFA or other designations.

How much does it cost to join?

It's 100% free to become a Fintros employer, which will give you instant access to our machine learning platform and North America's best and brightest finance talent!

How much does it cost to hire a Fintros superstar candidate?

Fintros charges a one-time success fee based on the candidate's first year base salary. Please contact a White Knight to learn more.

What are the payment terms? Are payment terms flexible?

Of course, given Fintros' commitment to value alignment, HR innovation and exceptional candidates, Fintros’ payment terms align with an employer’s best interests by spreading the payment over the successful candidates first 90 days of employment. Fintros also offers an alternative payment plan that spreads across a candidate’s first 24 months of employment.

What is the "Fintros candidate success guarantee"?

In the rarest of events where you are not satisfied with the candidate within the first 3 months of employment, Fintros will completely waive the success fee for your replacement hire.

What if I am already currently interviewing a Fintros candidate?

Should you and one of our candidates already be engaging in an active interview process prior to using Fintros, Fintros will waive the success fee entirely if you hire that specific candidate.

Why are candidate profiles anonymous?

North America's top finance talent need their job search to be anonymous. Fintros believes in "speech is silver, silence is golden". That is, North America’s top finance talent demand confidentiality to protect their current work environment. Once a Candidate accepts your interview invitation and consents to the release of their information, you will have access to their name and full profile. If for any reason you wish to withdraw your non-binding offer, please kindly reach out to your White Knight.

Can I contact a candidate outside of the Fintros platform before I make an interview offer?

Should you wish to learn more about the candidate before presenting an interview offer, please contact your assigned White Knight.

Will I be assigned a Fintros recruiter?

Fintros doesn't believes in the word "re-cr-ui-ter", so much so that we had a hard time even typing it. Fintros is leveraging artificial intelligence to correct the suboptimal recruiting experience. Having said that, each account will be assigned a White Knight, who will deliver you a true white glove end-to-end experience!

Where do I sign up?

Great decision! Please click here.

My question is not listed above.

Feel free to call, email or live chat one of our incredibly friendly Fintros consultants. We barely sleep, so expect a reply within 24 hours, if not sooner!

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