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Profile Anonymity

Fintros anonymizes candidate profiles using natural language processing and computational algorithms. Simply upload your resume and our technology will conceal all identifying information that might lead a Hiring Manager to recognize your identity.

Information we protect

  • Name
  • Location
  • Gender
  • Ethnicity
  • Education
  • Employment History

Be anonymous, and get selected for interview offers based purely on merit, technicals, core values and personality. Hiring Managers and HR leaders use Fintros’ blind recruitment technology to interview the right candidates that match the job description but most importantly add to their firm values and team culture.

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Employers Apply to You

Happily employed Analysts, Associates, Accountants, Directors, CFOs and tens of thousands of career ambitious finance leaders use Fintros to receive incoming offers from Hiring Managers - without ever needing to actually apply for jobs.


Account Security

Look for a new job without your employer ever knowing. Your Fintros account is completely confidential – our authentication process is built to make it impossible to check if an email address has ever been registered with Fintros.


Tailored Opportunities

Set preferences to describe your dream role and only receive offers that align with your career trajectory. Finance professionals of all seniority levels use Fintros to passively receive incoming career opportunities and unlock hidden roles not ordinarily advertised online.

Fintros Assessments

Personality & Team Culture Assessments

You are more than a resume. Stand out by completing Fintros assessments that showcase your personality, values and cultural fit.

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