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Md investment banking

Managing Director of Investment Banking

By Fintros — October 2017

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5:45: Start the day with a green tea to clear my head

6:00: After my tea, I’ll spend the first part of my morning skimming through the news. I’ll use the Pocket App to read through 20-30 different online publications to see if anything interesting has happened. Here, I’m especially focused on uncovering any M&A transactions that might be relevant to one of our clients.

6:25: If any interesting and pertinent transactions happened overnight, I’ll curate the news and publish it on my LinkedIn, in an effort to distribute the intelligence to my network. Additionally, I’ll immediately send the releases to pertinent CEO’s to ensure they are aware of the transaction. In doing so, I hope to be the first name in their inbox that morning; ultimately demonstrative of my commitment to thought leadership and the provision of value that my clients know me for.

6:30: Before I eat breakfast, I’ll devote 30 minutes to catching up on email. This includes client servicing, administrative work and/or replying to my supporting associates, but usually I’ll focus my time here emailing new business development opportunities. Business development activities here might involve setting up client bike rides, lunches and/or drinks with local CEO’s to talk about the landscape and relationship build for future deal flow.

7:00: I’ll then take a break and have breakfast with my kids.

7:30: After breakfast, I’ll do a quick 1 hour workout (either cycling, swimming or running). If there is time at the end, I’ll try to spend 10 minutes meditating. I’m a firm believer in balancing my stressful workload with a dose of family time, mindfulness, and physical activity – my priorities are reflected in that specific order.

8:30: I’ll spend the next hour or so following up on business development activities from the previous day and catch up on all of the firm’s current transactions. Mainly, I’ll begin preparing for all the calls and meetings I have that day while I schedule the rest of my day.

10:00: The rest of my day is quite varied. From 10:00 – 6:00 I’m regularly doing a variety of in-person client meetings and phone calls and/or phone calls with new prospective clients. I prefer in-person business development, so I’ll jump in an Uber and visit clients in person as often as possible. I’ll also block up an hour to review pitch books, board presentations and valuation models with our associates. If I have time for lunch, I’ll usually take either an analyst or associate - or both - to lunch –to reward them for their great work. Throughout the later afternoon, I’m responsible for 20-30 different front-office type of activities, sometimes even more, depending on our current deal volume.

6:00: I’ll take a 2-hour break and unplug everything except for my iPhone and have dinner with my family.

8:00: I’m usually back online for another hour or two taking care of all the things that I wasn’t able to attend to during the day. If deal volume is slow, I’ll use this time to read finance blogs and write news articles for different tech sites. My favourite is PitchBook, BetaKit, TechCrunch and Boy Genius Report.

11:00: Bed.

Overall, my schedule is incredibly busy as I tend to overbook myself. As a CEO, I try never to turn down client meetings. Because of this, there are often days where I meet 10+ clients – which usually means no lunch and 12+ hour days. That said, I’m incredibly lucky and fortunate to have invested in the right supporting investment banking analysts and associates.

Why I Love My Career

Two reasons – deal flow variety and negotiation. I absolutely love my day-to-day variety. I love the fact that I’ve been doing this for 20+ years and still get the opportunity to learn new things each and every day. I’m not the kind of person who can sit on any one project for 12+ hours. It’s just not my composition; I’m wired to give industry leading financial services support on a wide variety of client deliverables. Having said that, often together those deliverables can add up to 12+ hour days. Secondly, I love being responsible for negotiating deal terms on transactions. When you’re working for a client and you are negotiating final terms that exceed expectations, you are creating huge client value in real time which is always incredibly rewarding.

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