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How To Confidentially Change Jobs

By Fintros — June 2017

Employers almost always prefer to hire candidates who are already actively employed, especially if they are looking for people with specialized skills, experience, or a knowledge of the market. Unfortunately for them, that means potential candidates who are most in demand are the least likely to be actively looking for new challenges. So, how can firms access superstar talent?

Fintros’ anonymized job search is designed to match the best candidates with top employers, eliminating the resistance top talent has to put themselves on the market, easing the recruitment process for top firms, and providing curated lists of candidates and jobs based on the precisely specified needs and interests of all parties.

The anonymous candidate

The most-driven elite performers in finance — the precise people who are most in demand by top firms — are the ones who are least likely to be engaged in a job search.

First of all, top performers are unlikely to have the time to dedicate to searching for new opportunities nor the motivation to look for another job. These superstars have put up their blinders to the outside world which is dangerous because their potential dream job could be ripe for the taking. They also miss out on market information, such as how much the top salaries are for someone at their level.

Second, even if a top-candidate is feeling the itch to put him or herself in the market, or is just wondering what opportunities may be out there, they will not want their employer to find out that they are shopping around. Even if an employee is merely curious, to be seen as actively searching could jeopardize relationships, goodwill, as well as performance bonuses and advancement opportunities.

All Fintros candidate profiles are confidential and anonymous. Your name and all sensitive profile information are masked. As an added protection, you can pre-select which firms you would like to restrict from being able to view your anonymous profile including your current or former employers, or from any potential employers for any reason.
Fintros will only release your details to an interested employer after you explicitly give us consent to do so.

As Fintros maintains confidentiality, job searchers also benefit from an algorithm that matches candidates and dream jobs based upon interests and qualifications, stripping out human biases that can hurt both potential candidates and top firms.

The anonymous company

Firms can also have multiple reasons to remain anonymous when posting a position. Most often, a company will avoid identifying itself so its human resources department doesn’t get deluged with phone calls and LinkedIn messages. A company may also want to keep its strategic plans secret from its competitors. Placing an advertisement for a new regional head in a previously unserviced area, for instance, would tip its hand. In addition, a manager may be seeking to replace an existing employee and doesn’t want the person currently holding the position to know.

Fintros lets top-tier financial firms avoid the headaches that can come with job postings, as well as the costs that are associated with headhunters. We are not a recruitment, headhunting or staffing agency. In fact, we are #unRecruiters.

We provide an anonymous marketplace for top talent. There are no job postings. Instead, top investment banks, private equity, venture capital firms, hedge funds, and others, can submit their requirements and Fintros’ algorithm matches top finance talent employers’ specifications, including candidates’ past experience, education, personality, fit, and aptitude assessments.

In short, Fintros instantly helps employers access a previously unreachable pool of top passive finance talent. For more career tips, and to keep on top of job trends in the financial sector, follow Fintros on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

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